I bought a system due to a friend recommending Security By You and have been very happy with them. I had a question about wall-mounting the controller and they were very helpful and informative (if I had checked the FAQ I would not even needed to call). All in all it took me about 45 minutes from start to finish for my installation. I thought it would be more difficult but it was very simple. Just follow the directions and it will go smoothly.

~ John, MN

I had previously used ADT and was a bit concerned about the self-installation and how difficult it would be. It was so simple and the instructions are very concise, so my fears were unfounded. After I finished up, I tested and everything worked perfectly. After using Security By You and the 2GIG product, I would never even consider another option. This system looks awesome, the color touchscreen is very easy to figure out and it works very nicely.

~ Joe, NC

I own 3 different small businesses and installed the 2GIG system in one of them to test. It is so nice to be able to know exactly who is entering and exiting and if my employees are opening on-time or not. I like the text messages in real-time but most people will probably just want the emailed reports. I now will use this tool as part of my employee review when considering raises for them and I had to fire one person as they were always late even after repeat warnings. No matter, I have now just ordered systems for my other two businesses and would recommend Security By You due to the cost and performance.

~ Ed, NY

The last house I bought came with a Front Point security system that I believe was made by GE. It worked well but I always thought it was pretty tacky looking on my wall. So this time I researched and found Security By You on a Google search for DIY alarm systems. The SBY site was very easy to design my own system and the cost is comparable to other self-installed systems. The big thing that made it better was that I could build and order the system without having to call anyone or fill out a form and wait for a return phone call. And the 2GIG is a much nicer and better product IMO.

~ George, FL

I bought a Security By You system after using many other brands over the years. I had a Honeywell Lynx in my last residence and before that I had a DSC system. This system blows away both of those products! It is so easy to install and so easy to operate, and the interactive remote control works great on my iPhone. Now I actually use my system because when I forget to arm it, I can just remotely set it in about 5 seconds from my phone. And I get quick text messages when my son gets home from school so I know he is safe and sound.

~ Ed, CA

My nextdoor neighbor asked if he could put me on his Virtual Neighborhood Watch notification for his security system. Since we are good friends and I have a key to his house, I said "sure". My curiosity got the best of me and I dropped over to see how this technology actually worked. Wow, what a sweet idea. Now I have a Security By You system in my house and I have him on my Virtual Neighborhood Watch profile. So I keep an eye on his place and he and his wife keep an eye on my place. Pretty cool idea and probably better security than the 20-30 minute police response we get in my city. For those concerned about the complexity of installing your own alarm system, don't be. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes and I ordered 6 window sensors, 3 door sensors, along with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

~ Sue, WI

This was a good choice. I found the website and even called to discuss some questions with the technical staff. After I felt comfortable I proceeded to design and label my system. It came preprogrammed and was pretty simple to connect. I always thought I needed a phone line for the alarm system to work, but since the Cel-Pak is totally wireless, it didn't matter. Plus I learned that due to the cellular no burglar can cut off my phone line and affect my system. I love the simplicity of the whole way the 2gig operates. It is very sophisticated looking but easy to figure out. I didn't even have to get out the manual, just went step-by-step and it was up and running. I installed 3 door wafers, 2 motion sensors and a low temp alert unit in my basement so that it would protect me from freezing pipes. All devices and the main touchscreen unit took 55 minutes so I thought that was pretty fast.

~ Philip, MN

I have never had an alarm system before as I have a large dog and was afraid of false alarms. After reading the information on the Security By You website, I ordered a system with door transmitters and glass-break detectors. Now when I arm my system to "stay" mode at night I have full coverage of all my first floor doors and windows, and since my bedroom is upstairs, I feel safe. I did have a few questions during installation and my cell tower strength was marginal. So Security By You sent me an antenna booster that just snaps into my unit and that cured the problem. I now sleep better at night knowing that my perimeter is all protected. I am going to order some of the smart devices when my budget allows and upgrade my system, and hopefully realize some energy savings. I cannot imagine not having a system now that this is hooked up and working so well.

~ Gail, PA

I heard about do-it-yourself systems from a coworker who had bought one. When he agreed to assist me with the installation, I went to the SBY website and built my own system. When it arrived it was nicely packed and the instructions were so clear that I just went ahead and installed everything myself. Sometimes you just have to lose your fear and get it done. I love the 2gig color touchscreen and ordered a remote keypad for my master bedroom. I set up my brother on my virtual neighborhood watch settings and feel better that he will know almost immediately if I have a problem. I have no regrets at all.

~ Terese, VA

When I saw the ADT pulse system on TV, it appealed to me. Then when I checked on the pricing I started to do some research. I found the SecurityByYou and 2gig product and found the cost to be far less over the 3 years of service. It was a breeze to install in my home and I have set it up to notify me on basically all events. Now I know what is going on and even know when my wife arrives at the house. Its kinda fun to know dinner is heating up at 5:30 when I am on the interstate heading home.

~ Sandy, NJ

We LOVE our new security system! I am amazed at the ease of installation and how quickly I got my new system setup. The iPhone and iPad App is such a great convenience. I will HIGHLY recommend Security By You!! Thanks.

~ Mark, MN