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SBY Spylink Video service costs $14.95 per month, and allows you to connect up to 8 high-definition IR-illuminated cameras to the cloud. This system does not require a DVR or NVR, instead using what we call a virtual DVR/NVR. This gives you 250MB of storage (not as much storage as a traditional DVR/NVR), but saves you the cost of purchasing one ($350-$500 for a HD unit), plus the replacement cost every 4-5 years. This service is integrated with your security system and runs on the same smartphone app for simplicity. This capability will allow YOU to remotely view into your home or business at any time to see for yourself what the children are doing, what your employees are doing, what your pets are doing, or observe anything you have in the camera's line of sight. The cameras are simple wireless (wifi) plug-and-play for ease of installation. YOU can even configure "event triggered recordings" to capture a video clip immediately related to an alert, such as an alarm activation, a door opening, or capturing a disarming event (who walked out with what in their hands).

NOTE: You must have a good and strong wifi signal in order to successfully use this system. Also, a "WPS" router is recommended for simplifying the setup and assuring compatibility.

COMING SOON: We will also offer a more robust system which includes a NVR (Network Video Recorder) and IP cameras. The system is High-Definition, hardwired with CAT-5 ethernet cables and the cameras are powered through this cable (commonly called POE or Power Over Ethernet). Since this system is wired, you don't need to worry about wifi signal strength issues that often occur with wireless cameras. And the NVR comes with a .5 terabyte hard drive so it can store weeks of recorded video. This system uses a separate app and allows you to remotely view live video at any time.

NOTE: Both of these video solutions require that you have high-speed internet service through your provider of choice.

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