Spylink Security & Dispatch

Security By You Spylink Security & Dispatch

SBY Spylink Security & Dispatch is the core baseline product of Security By You and comes installed on every system. The fee for this is $34.99 per month and is a required component of our service. You will be notified via SMS text message when a security sensor has been activated. You will receive a text message within seconds and the text message will inform you which sensor was activated and it’s location in your home or business. Then the decision-making process of calling 911 and dispatching the police or fire department is put in YOUR hands, right where it belongs. This is how you avoid false alarms fees and reduce the response time of 911 calls*.

*911 calls received from a centralized monitoring station used with most traditional security systems are considered a low priority, as a high percentage of these alerts are false alarms. Per USA Today, 911 calls received from a private party phone call are given a much higher priority and generally see response times within 3 to 9 minutes. (Response times may vary depending on your geographical location, traffic conditions, etc.).

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For no extra cost, we at Security By You have also included our upgraded service which provides the ability to receive text messages every time someone enters or exits your premises, as they arm or disarm your security system by way of entering their unique PIN code into the keypad. The addition of this unique feature takes your SBY system to the next level of security, by providing the information and “peace of mind” every home or business owner wants. You will now know that your child is home safe after getting home from school. You will be aware of when the maid arrives and leaves the house.

Again, we also include our full interactive or "remote-control" package as well. This allows YOU to be able to remotely arm and disarm your system and view historical events. There are apps available for your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, Tablets) for this service. You can also login to your security account from any computer and access this service. You also have the option to login to multiple security accounts (primary residence, business #1, vacation home, business #2, yacht, etc.) and manage each one separately from the same app.

If you prefer traditional Central Station Monitoring, then you may prefer that alarm signals (intrusion/fire/medical/panic) are sent to the Central Station for emergency dispatch. Please allow 2 business days for activation of this service or changes to the service. Alarm permits may be required by your municipality. Most insurance companies offer a discount if you have a centrally monitored system, so this decision may save you some money on your premiums.

Important - It is our standard procedure to verify all alarm signals. This means we will call the users on your list who have phone numbers provided (in the order listed) BEFORE we contact the Police or Fire Department. Also, if you are asked for a password or passcode by the Central Station, give the operator your 4-digit keypad code or PIN. We pass along all alarm and cancel signals to the Central Station. If you cancel an alarm (by entering a valid 4-digit PIN code within 60 seconds) the Central Station will cease all efforts to dispatch the authorities and your call list.

We will require you to provide the following user and emergency contact information when purchasing this service:

1 - Name: _________________ Phone Number: ___-___-____ PIN Code/Password: ____
2 - Name: _________________ Phone Number: ___-___-____ PIN Code/Password: ____
3 - Name: _________________ Phone Number: ___-___-____ PIN Code/Password: ____



Virtual Neighborhood Watch GroupOkay, we're not done yet. Virtual Neighborhood Watch is another great feature that we include for everybody. Dozens of users may be independently selected to receive text notifications of specific alarm conditions. YOU can determine who your Virtual Neighborhood Watch Group™ members are, add them to your list of users, and increase security in and around your neighborhood. Our clients usually add neighbors or family members who live next door, across the street, or in close proximity to them. Imagine the quick response to crimes or life-safety issues you will receive. Police response takes a few minutes at best, and sometimes much longer. Your neighbors can often respond much more quickly. And we recommend setting up a net of coverage whereby you monitor their system and they monitor your system.


Virtual Neighborhood Watch Group