Spylink Home Automation

Security By You Spylink Home AutomationFor an additional cost of $4.95 per month, SBY Spylink Home Automation Allows YOU to be able to remotely control devices like your thermostats and lights, or even lock and unlock doors! You can change the temperature of your house or individual areas in the home as desired from afar. Imagine the ability to throw a deadbolt on your front door after you know your children have arrived home from school! You can set up rules to turn on certain lights 15 minutes before sunset and turn them off at sunrise, or at midnight. You can set up a rule that sets your thermostats from 72 to 75 when you arm to "away" and returns back to 72 once you get home, providing an easy way to save energy. If a smoke or carbon monoxide detector activates, it shuts down your fans, so toxic fumes are not spread throughout the house. When you are retiring for the night and arm the system to "stay", any doors that have smart locks installed will lock, and any garage doors that have our LiftMaster wall button and IP gateway will close if they have been left open. Pretty neat stuff! Since the system is integrated, every device is communicating, and that's why it is considered "smart". YOU make the choice and set up the rules to your liking, and change them whenever you wish! Peace of mind. Redefined. From anywhere. 

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 Security By You Spylink Home Automation