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School and hospital introduction

School of Stomatology Shandong University (Stomatological Hospital of Shandong University) was founded in 1977,formerly known as the Department of Stomatology of Shandong Medical University. The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital openedin1992. It is renamed Stomatological Hospital of Shandong University in 2000, and formally denominated as Shandong Provincial Stomatological Hospital in 2006. The School of Stomatology Shandong University, Stomatological Hospital of Shandong University, and Shandong Provincial Stomatological Hospital has implemented a management system integrating the following responsibilities:education, scientific research,as well asmedical services and preventive healthcare. The School (Hospital) has been pioneering as a center in the field of oral medical education, scientific research, medical and preventive healthcare in Shandong Province, as well as an important stomatological talents training base, stomatological research platform and oral medical treatment center in China.

With distinctive comprehensive strength, the School (Hospital) ranked the eighth in the fourth national discipline assessment. The School (Hospital) has five education and research divisions, oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics and basic science of stomatology. The school offers a doctoral degree program for first-level discipline, a professional doctoral degree program in stomatology, a postdoctoral initiative in clinical science of stomatology, and two secondary discipline programs: basic science of stomatology and clinical science of stomatology. The School (Hospital) has developed a multi-level and high-quality talents training system including five-year undergraduate program, eight-year program for undergraduate-postgraduate, master, doctoral and postdoctoral degree programs in stomatology, and offers provincial-level quality courses in oral and maxillofacial surgery and periodontology.It currently enrolls more than 600 students.

Taking the comprehensive advantages of Class A key university of Shandong province under the national Double First Class University Plan, the School (Hospital) maintains a strong team of faculty including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yangtze River Scholars, Taishan Scholars, and Cheeloo Young Scholars and other notable experts at home and abroad as discipline pioneer. There are 450 medical staff, including 28 senior professional and technical staff, 39 deputy senior professional and technical staff, 26 doctoral tutors, and 52 master tutors, 1 young top-notch talent of the "Ten Thousand Talents Program" initiated by the Central Organization Department, 1 distinguished expert and 1 overseas expert of Taishan Scholars, 2 young experts from Taishan Scholars, 3 Cheelooyoung scholars, 5 staff who receive special government allowance from the State Council, chairman, vice chairman and 10 standing committee members of the Chinese Stomatological Association. 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering were employed as part-time lecturersand1 Yangtze River Scholaraspart-time distinguished professor.More than 75% oftheteachers have doctorates.All academic pioneers and academic elites have overseas learning or research experience. As a national-level resident physician standardization training base, grade A tertiary hospital specialized in stomatology, as well as key specialized hospital and stomatological quality control center of Shandong province, the School (Hospital) is well-known for its advanced equipment, superb technology, and quality service. The School (Hospital) covers a total area of more than 20,000 square meters. It houses 170 comprehensive oral treatment chairs, 50 hospital beds, and serves more than 200,000 outpatient visits per year. It has 1 branch hospital, and 21 clinical medical departments, among which the oral implantology is one of clinical intensive specialties of Shandong province.

As an important stomatology research platform in China, the School (Hospital) possesses Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Oral Tissue Regeneration and Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Oral Biomaterials and Tissue Regeneration. The former covering an area of nearly 3200 m², with national-level scale, equipment and qualification, is one of the two medical laboratories with strong support from Shandong Province. The School (Hospital) witnesses a strong development momentum through focusing on the research direction featuring the development and regeneration of oral tissues and implementing PI management. It attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with famous institutions worldwide by establishing substantive cooperation with Harvard University, Japan University, and Hong Kong University in academic exchanges, scientific research cooperation, teacher training, and student training, thus making itself exercise wide-range academic influence at home and abroad.

As the Shandong Branch of National Center for Oral Diseases Clinical Medical Research, the School (Hospital) takes the lead in establishing the center consortium and medical care organization of stomatological hospitals in Shandong province. Taking use of various platforms, it remains committed to increasing the supply of technical services and the support for grassroots oral medical institutions, deepening continuing education, expanding the level and forms of talent training, thus helping to promote coordinated development of Shandong provincial oral medicine industry. The School (Hospital), as the resident agency of Shandong Provincial Stomatological Association, successfully implemented the fourth national oral epidemiological investigation in response to national call, actively participated in the "Go to the West" volunteer service initiative, and provided counterpart support and assistance. The team oftheexperts participatedin various types of public service activities including "CheelooDoctors Go to the Grassroots" and "To put the guiding principles from 19th National Congress into action, to serve the grassroots people", which was widely praised by all walks of life.

Over the years, the School of Stomatology Shandong University (Stomatology Hospital) has always been adhering to the motto "Best healing, always learning, pursuing excellence and maintaining integrity", the fine tradition "Unity,enterprise, pragmatism, and the spirit of innovation" and the mission“Superb skills, excellent service, patient first, and whole-hearted dedication”.It has achieved leap-forward development in education, scientific research, medical services, etc., and enhanced overall discipline strength and domestic and foreign influence. The School (Hospital) is now dedicated to building itself a first-class stomatology school (stomatology hospital).

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