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Dean's message

The history of StomatologicalSchool andtheHospital of ShandongUniversity dates back to Qilu University, which was founded in 1917. After a hundred years of hard work, the teachers and students,who proudly call themselvesShandaRen, havealways adhered to the hospitalmottoof“Best healing, always learning, pursuing excellence and maintaining integrity”.Based on the land of Qilu,witha world-wide view, wefocuson the improvement ofpeople’soral healthanddetermine tocontributeto the development ofStomatology.

In the 40 years of reform and opening, China has made rapidprogress.Starting from stratch,School of Stomatology (Stomatological Hospital) of Shandong Universityhas undergone substantial development, from small to large, from weak to strong.Nowadays,after 40 years of growing,it hasbecomenot onlyan importanttalentstraining center,but also a solidmedical research platform, anda keydental care service center for the dentistsand dentistry-related talents in China.

We always adhere to the concept of international development. A wide range of academic influences was created through students' joint training, teacher exchange programs, and scientific research projectsduring thecooperation with Harvard University, Hong Kong University, Tufts University, Japanese University, Hokkaido University and other well-known universities from home and abroad.

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we will workdiligentlytocontribute to the development of our country. And we are determined to add color to thesplendorof our city.We believe that wewillbecome a first-class, internationally renowned dental school and stomatological hospital in China in the near future.

Welcome to School of Stomatology (Stomatological Hospital) of Shandong University!

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